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Vesi Environmental Ltd



This project was funded by Waterford Leader Partnership Ltd under the Rural Development Programme Agri - Diversification Measure.

Vesi Environmental has been in existence since 2007, prior to which Alia Harrington Carty (director) worked as an independent consultant. Vesi Environmental, provide sustainable designs to a range of aquatic ecosystems, as well as offering expert advise and service on aquatic planting and providing a professional service for a range of ecological services throughout Ireland.

Vesi Environmental decided to expand the landscaping service of its business by providing a specialised nursery for growing a range of wetland plants and applied to Waterford Leader Partnership for assistance. The nursery will specialise in the 5 main wetland plant species most suited and commonly used in Integrated Constructed Wetlands as well as some other plant species after year 1.  This project will allow Vesi Environmental Ltd to provide clients with a complete service (design, construction, landscaping and maintenance), have greater control over the quality of plants used for constructed wetlands and reduce costs by not needing to buy in plants.

The development of the greenhouse will consist of 3 ponds, which will be used for propagation the plants.  In order to assembly the greenhouse some site preparation is needed, this will include levelling the site and providing concrete for anchoring support structures.  The ponds within the greenhouse will be installed using PVC liner.  Access areas within the greenhouse will be concrete.  The shed will be used to store materials such as pots, compost, tools etc.  The frame for half of the shed is existing, it will be completed using steel support structures, concrete block work and galvanised metal sheeting.  The two outdoor ponds will be used to grow plant species more suited to the outside conditions.

Grant aid was sought towards funding the development of a greenhouse, shed, outdoor ponds and additional materials required for the establishment of the project.  Further detail on Vesi Environmental can be found here



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