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Tús - Community Work Placement Scheme
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Tús Community Work Placement Scheme

The Tús Initiative is a Community Work Placement Scheme, providing short term working opportunities for unemployed people.

The work opportunities are to benefit the community and are to be provided by community, voluntary and not for profit organisations, in both urban and rural areas.

The Tús Initiative is managed, in Co. Waterford, by Waterford LEADER Partnership Ltd., for the Department of Social Protection, which has overall responsibility for the scheme.

The Tús scheme began in 2011 in County Waterford and currently has in excess of 140 Participants, with 6 supervisors

The scheme has proven very successful with both Participants and Community Organisations alike. Participants can gain, or update, their experience, learn new skills and can benefit from a workplace routine, during their Placement.

The work of Not For Profit and Voluntary organisations is greatly enhanced by sponsoring Tús Participants to compliment voluntary organisations locally.

Participant Eligibility

To be eligible to participate on the Tús scheme you must:

  • Have been continuously unemployed for at least 12 months and be “signing on” on a full time basis.
  • Have been receiving a Jobseekers payment (Jobseekers Benefit or Jobseekers Allowance) from the Department of Social Protection for at least 12 months
  • Be currently receiving Jobseekers Allowance

Change to Tús - Assisted/Self Referral

20% of available places on Tús can now be filled by assisted/self-referral. The assisted/self-referral process affords a number of individuals who fulfil the qualifying criteria the opportunity to avail of short-term quality work placements through Tús.

Individuals wishing to apply must complete a Tús self-referral form. This form can be obtained in the 'application forms' section of this website. Those interested can apply through any of the Department of Social Welfare Offices, Local Employment Service or Tús/Waterford Leader Partnership Ltd. The application form will then be processed through a Case Officer with the Department of Social Protection.


Working Conditions

Participants work for 19.5 hours a week and the placement duration is 12 months. Contracts cannot be renewed or extended.

Participants are entitled to 10.5 (ten and a half) days annual leave per annum which must be taken within the year of the placement.

Participants retain any existing benefits or entitlements. Upon completion of their placement, participants should sign on again with their local Social Welfare Office. Participants will not be eligible to participate on the Tús scheme again for 3 years.

Participants on Tús can take up other employment provided it does not interfere with the work and times of the Tús work placement. If participants are offered full-time alternative work they may terminate their work placement contract.

Types of work which may be undertaken

In general, all works and services, undertaken or delivered by the community and voluntary sectors, will be considered eligible.

The following broad categories give an indication of some of the types of work which may be undertaken.

General Community Services -

  • Caretaking, securing, supervising of community buildings and spaces.
  • Assist with administration/reception
  • Community research and evaluation, including genealogy
  • Assist with promotion and event management.
  • Retail services, in charity or community settings.

Environmental Services -

  • Neighbourhood, village and countryside enhancement, including clean up (e.g. Tidy Towns).
  • Enhancement of community spaces, gardens, parks, leisure areas, including sport grounds, where services are not otherwise provided.
  • Maintenance and renovation of community and sporting facilities.

Caring services -

  • Assist in provision of care or supervision, to people with special needs, or the elderly (e.g. Day Care Centre).
  • Services for children in community crèches and childcare settings.
  • Preparation and delivery of meals for older people or those with limited income (e.g. Meals On Wheels).

Heritage and Cultural services -

  • Assist with staffing of cultural, tourism and heritage centres.
  • Promotion of the Irish language and local cultural activities.
  • Development and maintenance of walking, cycling and leisure trails and amenities.


Expressions of Interest/Communities

This is a unique opportunity for organisations to access a broad range of skills, talents and experience. WLP are inviting applications on an on-going basis, from community, voluntary and not- for- profit groups, to provide quality and suitable working opportunities.

Organisations wishing to apply for a work placement, please download the Expression of Interest Form

Tús Supervisors are available in each area of Co. Waterford, to discuss placement opportunities with community groups or organisations.

Dungarvan                                     Grainne Ryan                      086 0283152

West Waterford                              Tara Doyle                          086 0106416

West Waterford                              Vinny Mernin                      086 0206005

Mid Waterford                                Vincent Power                    086 0227087

East Waterford                               Eoghan Power                    086 4124511

Tramore                                        Gary Coad                          086 1738979

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