Rural Development Programme (LEADER) 2014 - 2020

Waterford Leader Partnership CLG have been given responsibility for delivering the new LEADER Rural Development Programme worth €7.5 million to County Waterford.

RDP (LEADER) 2014 -2020 Waterford County Information Booklet

RDP (LEADER) 2014 -2020 Information Workshop Presentation

Rural Development Projects Fully Completed and Paid as at 6 3 19

The priority for the new LEADER programme is to promote social inclusion, poverty reduction and economic development in rural areas.  This priority acknowledges the key challenges facing County Waterford following the economic downturn and facilitates the provision of supports to address issues, such as the impact of high levels of unemployment and an increase in levels of poverty and exclusion.

As LEADER aims to build the capacity and skills of the local community and socio-economic interests in County Waterford to tackle local development objectives, it directly contributes to the promotion of local development in rural areas, which itself has three areas of focus:

  1. Facilitating diversification, creation of new small enterprises and job creation;
  2. Promoting local development in rural areas;
  3. Enhancing access to, use and quality of ICT in rural areas.

In addition, the LEADER programme outlines a series of key themes and sub-themes that will form the basis of LEADER activities in County Waterford.  These themes are drawn from both extensive consultation and research conducted by the Commission for the Economic Development of Rural Areas (CEDRA) IN 2012 AND 2013. The priority themes and associated sub-themes for economic and community development proposed for the programme are as follows:-




Summary of Current Funding Ceilings and Support Rates

Type of Project Applicant Maximum Rate of Aid

Maximum Funding

Investment & other supports (including animation undertaken as part of the implementation of a project)

Private Up to a maximum of 50% €200,000
Community Up to a maximum of 75%
Community under basic services targeted at hard to reach communities sub-theme Up to a maximum of 90%
Analysis and Development Private Up to a maximum of 75% €30,000

Up to a maximum of 90%


Private or Community

Up to a maximum of 100% €200,000


If you would like to get in touch to discuss potential projects please contact:-

Ms Claire Connors (Project Officer) on 058 51505 / 087 2311062

Mr Jimmy Taaffe ( CEO & Project Officer)  on 058 54646


(Please note that all projects must fit into the Local Devleopment Strategy for County Waterford).

Further detail on the new programme can be found at

LEADER Factsheet

 Details of the new LEADER programme and the work of CEDRA can be found at the following sites:

Further details on the LEADER 2014-2020 programme will be posted here as and when they become available. Funding is available for SMEs from other sources.

Ineligible Activities

Aid shall not be awarded or paid in respect of the following areas:



Conventional retail operations, excluding community based shops and farm shops selling locally produced produce;

Courses of instruction or training which form the part of normal education programmes or systems at secondary or higher levels. Note: This includes the rural development diploma and degree;


Working capital (including stock);

Insurance for project promoters;

Horticulture (including bee-keeping);

Payments for gifts, donations or personal entertainments;

Statutory fines and penalties, criminal fines and damages;

Legal expenses in respect of litigation;

Costs associated with meeting a legislative or statutory requirement;

Planning application fee;

Reclaimable VAT;

Improvements/refurbishment of private residential property;

Projects that already have other EU funding either directly or through a national programme;

Conventional motor vehicles, including cars, industrial/farm/construction vehicles, vans and buses;

General maintenance works of public bodies;


Health Care;

Nursing homes;

Housing; and

Race and sport horse industries.

Greyhound Industry

*LAGsshould firstly ascertain if the activity/animal has been covered by any current or previous DAFM scheme. Furthermore, if the activity does not qualify for DAFM funding, that does not automatically mean that it will qualify for LEADER funding as the core activity may still be deemed to be "agriculture" e.g. goat farming, poultry production, fruit, small scale market gardens etc.


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