Villierstown Boathouse

villierstownWaterford Leader Partnership were very happy to support both phases of this project:- Phase one the establishment of the Boathouse and Phase two the purchase of the required sailing and safety equipment under the Encouragment of Tourism Activities of the Rural Development Programme.

The Villierstown Boating and Activity Club was set up to encourage and promote safe usage of the River Blackwater by local communites and visitors to the area. The Club organises events to enable all interested parties of any age to learn and improve their river craft, with the possibility of progressing to nationally recognised standards.

Since the 18th century Villierstown Quay has served the needs of all river users. It was built originally to facilitate the commercial trade of the river Blackwater. In it’s life time it has seen Barges, Steamboats, Masted Schooners and Ferry Boats acting as a gateway to much of Munster. Today with little commercial traffic Villierstown Quay remains the most accessible slipway on the river Blackwater, with vast open stretch’s to suit all types of boating. Although still serving the commercial fishing sector and boat cruises, Villierstown has become very popular amongst recreational users with miles of waterways waiting to be explored.

Canoeing-rowing-sailing-skiing and pleasure boating now all take place at Villierstown Quay servicing the needs of locals and visitors alike.



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