Supporting Rural Development in
Waterford County

The Language People

Since inception in mid 2015, the Language People, operating from a rented premises at Shandon, Dungarvan, enjoyed consistent year on year growth, initially offering German, French and Italian year round courses locally and English Summer Programme to overseas students coming to learn English. Dungarvan has over the years established a reputation as a first rate location for students looking to improve their language skills in a safe and welcoming environment.
The development of the summer student market has provided additional revenue not just for the school but also for the local economy through host families, eateries and transport providers. The Language School has also supplemented their core offering with further services including language courses aimed at secondary schools students, adult language courses, primary school language introduction programmes, translation and support services and specialised courses tailored to students’ needs.
The business became victims of their own success with demand outstripping their ability to meet demands due to the limitations imposed by the existing rented premises which was becoming no longer fit for purpose. Maud, the owner/manager who had recently acquired a neighbouring building in a poor state of repair, was successful in her application under theme 2 of the Rural Development Programme 2014-2020 and restored and converted the space to providing 4 class rooms instead of the original 2 in the rented premises. The increase in class room numbers has facilitated additional courses to be offered and increase the number of staff to two full time positions and 3 part time tutors.

Corporate Governance

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