Supporting Rural Development in
Waterford County

Construction of Shed’s for Storage

Since 2012 OK Fuels Ltd  is a supplier of quality firewood an kindling.  Supplying shops, Co Ops, Coal Merchants and the General Public.  It has developed strong market connections in kiln-dried wood for residential home use.

Because of this success, it has expanded  its facilities and constructed new storage facilities for the kiln dried firing along with new staff facilities, i.e., new canteen and toilet area.

They have developed a product that will be in line with the new legislation on smokeless fuel and the banning of burning green wood, i.e., not kiln dried.

The investment is significant for this young business and was assisted by the Rural Development Programme (LEADER) 2014 -2022 Enterprise Development Measure.  Funding this project helped support and sustain employment in a rural area.

Corporate Governance

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