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Plastic Fabrication Facility

Plastic Fabrication Facility

Inmasoll Ltd, based in Tramore was successful in their application for LEADER grant assistance to purchase a CNC Router. The company was looking to develop a plastic fabrication facility to primarily support their clients in the food, pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries.

Currently in Ireland there are only a handful of companies specialising in the manufacture of fabricated plastic products for the food, pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries. Their research has shown that a lot of companies get certain equipment made outside Waterford and even from outside Ireland because of this. From experience of working with these companies, they are requested to carry out plastic work already but have to sub contract it at present. Investing in a new CNC router for cutting and shaping the raw plastic product will enable the promoters to get started on developing the plastic fabrication side of the business and take on one employee straight away.

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