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Stainless Steel Production in the Foothills of the Comeragh’s

Stainless Steel Production in the Foothills of the Comeraghs

The applicants, Colin Gleeson and Eoin Sheehan, both trained engineers established Dungarvan Precision Engineering (DPE) in West Waterford in 2013. They built their plant on Colin’s father’s farm between Dungarvan and Ballymacarbry in West Waterford. Both worked abroad and on returning to Ireland set up their own business with the intention of manufacturing patented products in stainless steel.

DPE has developed a number of stainless steel components and they have established a diversified client base. The project they approached LEADER for was the purchase of a specialised CNC Lathe to manufacture the stainless steel parts.

This project was part of a series of steps undertaken by DPE where:

  • They have strengthened their management base through professional advice, and the hiring of an in-house administration team;
  • The development of patented products
  • Investment in new technology

LEADER assisted in the last element of their continuous development as a business, which was the part investment in the purchase of a high end CNC Lathe.

DPE is based in rural West Waterford at the foot of the Comeragh Mountains. From this location, it is able to supply high quality materials throughout the Country and in time for export. It is providing high quality jobs to local people, and has taken on apprentices who are receiving high quality training, again in a rural location. Funding this project resulted in 3 extra jobs 2 in manufacturing and 1 in adminstration/finance.

This project was part-funded by Waterford Local Community Development Committee under the LEADER Theme Local Objective 2 Enterprise Development.

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